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A b o u t   M e

Hello! I am Margarita, and I am a California-based singer and songwriter. 

My music encompasses various topics—referencing themes of self-discovery and stepping into adulthood. I tend to center my lyricism around accepting the imperfections of life, and branch out into other, many and different, thoughts I might have about relationships and people in general.

My interest in music began very young, and growing up I first started with the piano, which I was introduced to at seven years old. Yet, nothing got me hooked like the guitar, which I picked up when I was about eleven. Since then, I began honing my skills and developed an interest in songwriting. 

In recent years, I have taken up the mandolin! And consider myself a multi-instrumentalist. I am always looking for what instrument to get my hands on next and am always looking to experiment and explore!

Moreover, I like to express myself creatively through other interests such as art, and I love to read in my free time!

A b o u t   M y   W o r k

I began sharing my music on Youtube a few years back, and on my Youtube channel, you can find loads of my original music! Although a lot of them are currently in demo versions, I am actively working on developing fully arranged, studio-recorded songs out of them all and continuously strive to expand my portfolio. 

All my fully arranged work is located at the very top of this page, as well as the rest of my platforms.

 I cannot wait to see where my journey is going to take me, and I hope you will come along for the ride!

C h e c k   O u t   M y   B l o g !

I run a little blog on Amino Apps for fun, where I post my lyricism and poetry there weekly, as well as occasional writing tips! 

Feel free to check it out if that interests you! <3

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If you have any questions or business inquiries shoot me an email directly

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